Andrei Platounov

Andrei Platounov Profile 2

Andrei Platounov is a pianist and singer. He completed his studies at the Institute GITIC (Russian University of Arts and Theater), and now works in Belgium at the Opera La Monnaie.

Since his childhood, he has always drawn: at the school, vocational school, to the Institute. He thought about this passion and that it would increase, but he did not continue to strive towards it…

The lack of attendance at a painting school gives him the right to errors, but also to a freedom of expression without limits.

The Painture allows him to cross the barriers of the reality, of abstracture, to escape from the daily routine, mount up to the clouds of surrealism in the search for new forms of beauty, aesthetics, and fantastic universes.

He perceives the painting as music, so that everyone hears at its own way. Sometimes he has an envy so that a table sings, causing them laugh or smile.